M K Stalin takes oath as Tamilnadu C.M The Return of Anti Brahminism, Dravidian vs Aryan

M.K. Stalin takes oath as Tamilnadu C.M.

M K Stalin takes oath as Tamilnadu C.M: The Return of Anti Brahminism, Dravidian vs Aryan. Tamil Nadu handed over power to DMK, the staunch opponent of Brahminism, it won social justice and revolution. PM Modi congratulated and best needs to Periyar Ramaswamy’s flag bearer of his Dravidian movement, Kalaignar Karunanidhi’s party in state.

M K Stalin’s DMK WHO adhered to the initial Dravidian civilization culture of India, a staunch anti-Brahminist and anti-Brahminist in his standard of living instinct.

The DMK is termed the party of the deprived in state, it’s the sole party and it’s leader M K Stalin in India that brazenly opposes Brahmanical theology and casteist group system and in response thereto, challenges the Brahmanical forces by following the Dravidian civilization culture.

M.K. Stalin Appointed as C.M

M K Stalin believes Periyar Swami ideology and Periyar believed that

Periyar Swami believed that “The superstitious notion and discrimination inherent within the society has its roots in Vedic Hinduism, that divides the society into varied categories on the premise of caste during which Brahmins square measure at the highest, therefore, they require to interrupt the order and Brahmin domination of Vedic faith. As a staunch atheist, he campaigned against the notion of the existence of God.

“M K Stalin is known as Associate in Nursing antagonist of rationalism, school of thought, self-regard and rituals, irrespective faith and God, a destroyer of caste and and its’s social organization. The rightists criticize him as somebody Who defied their spiritual sentiments, traditions.” Humiliated ,,

When M Karunanidhi died, his descendants didn’t perform Shraddha nor did any Brahmin be invited to try to to any pooja.

When M Karunanidhi Died then M K Stalin and his descendants didn’t perform Shraddha nor did any Brahmin be invited to try to to any pooja. With this, Mr. Karunanidhi wasn’t burnt. Rather, it’s buried, thus this proves that the DMK and its leaders square measure fully anti-Brahminical, people of right wings criticized M K Stalin too much.

it’s price mentioning that the tradition of burning dead bodies may be a image of Brahmanical Hindu civilization and therefore the burial (burial within the earth) tradition may be a image of Dravidian Indus natural depression Indian civilization culture followed by Dravidian leaders. it’s price memory that revolution comes from sensible life observe and not from hypocrisy.

You may not have seen this sort of sensible revolution within the leaders of North India

You may not have seen this sort of sensible revolution within the leaders of North India, particularly Lalu Yadav Mulayam Singh Yadav, Nitish Kumar, etc. this can be the explanation why the depressed categories in North India lost and therefore the brahmanical forces became stronger. The BJP government in Uttar Pradesh is additionally in Bihar. this can be the proof of this.

The DMK and its leader M K Stalin brazenly oppose Brahminism. The Brahmins oppose rituals and hypocrisy, produce awareness in society which is why the DMK is powerful in state. these days the BJP is back in power. The BJP Congress doesn’t operate there.

i might conjointly wish to clarify here that Jayalalithaa’s party AIADMK conjointly works on the DMK’s line, the mentor of each is Periyar Ramaswamy Naicker. however during a few years, AIADMK was appropriated by the Bharatiya Janata Party on the strength of CBI etc. because of that state has rejected AIADMK.

Jayalalithaa’s party AIADMK raised the reservation limit in state to sixty nine per cent. Its advantage was that the SC ST, that encompasses a provision of reservation in proportion to the population, got the good thing about reservation to the OBC society there and social and academic type in state. Grew terribly apace from

here is a history of virtually fifty years that no national party Congress and BJP has return to power in state

There is a history of virtually fifty years that no national party Congress and BJP has return to power in state, the sole reason is that the impact of Dravidian movement in state particularly among the deprived, particularly Dalit tribals and backward categories, and by the M K Stalin Dravidian leaders in observe Follow him with body and cash.

Tamil Nadu may be a developed state within the country within the field of education, medical and industrial sectors. The social revolution that happened in state is required by the full of India. The leaders of North India ought to learn from the Dravidian leaders of state, ought to much oppose Brahminism only there’ll be a social revolution in North India and therefore the welfare of the deprived.

PM Narender Modi congratulated The M.K. Stalin, and people want the long run Chief Minister of state MK Joseph Stalin on the huge success in state Assembly Elections 2021 and hope that he just can advance the heritage of Kalaignar M Karunanidhi and Periyar Swamy and fight back against the brahmanical forces. .

And finally, cultural slavery is a lot of horrifying than political slavery, as a result of the slaves don’t even recognize that they’re anyone’s slaves.

India is that the conquered territory of the Aryans, the Dravidian defeated community. In India, the category Struggle is caste based mostly, that is within the type of Arya vs Dravidian.

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