Pet Pheasant and FowlerThen that sensible customer twisted the neck of that pet pheasant openly by giving Rs.500
Pet Pheasant and Fowler

Pet Pheasant and Fowler

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A Fowler was selling pheasant in the market, he had a lot of pheasants in a big mesh cage, next to it was a single pheasant in a small cage. A customer asked how much is a pheasant? Chidimar said 40 rs
Then the customer asked the price of the pheasant locked alone in the small cage. So he said sir I don’t want to sell it but if you give it 500 rs then I will give it to you.

The buyer wondered and asked why the price of this pheasant is so high?
So Chidimar said because this is my pet pheasant and he works to trap other pheasants in the net.
The customer asked how does it work?

So listen, this my pet pheasant goes to the forest and collects all the pheasant with a loud voice and then explains to them that now this forest is not safe for us, birds have increased a lot in the forest. Therefore all of us pheasants have to wake up, become one. Then when hundreds of pheasants become one, I imprison them in a cage.
Then later I give this pheasant the desired dose in return for its work, which it eats and it becomes happy.

Then that sensible customer twisted the neck of that pet pheasant openly by giving 500 rs

Then that sensible customer twisted the neck of that pheasant openly by giving 500 rs.
Everyone asked why did you do this brother? The scholar said that this traitor has no right to live, who traps others for his own benefit.

Today you will see that these 500 rs pheasants are all around us, who will tell you for their benefit that you, your caste, your country, your religion are all in danger,,, wake up, become one,
Kalamwali Bai was right. But why am I explaining this to you…. My mind is full of huts,,, live brother, live like you guys have to live,
Put the noose around my neck.

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